Artist Statement

I have my own ceramic home based business Victoria Ceramic Art.

I have participateв in many art and craft shows in Ontario and also Wholesale art and craft shows in USA and Ontario.

Also I do shows in Ukrainian community.
I do handmade ceramic wares and tiles and decorate it with glazes cone 06 all my designs are inspired by nature and my Ukrainian heritage.
I love what I do. It does not feel like a job, it feels like a calling.
Thanks for supporting Canadian Handmade!

When I first immigrated to Canada with my young family I was busy struggling with all the things a new country has to offer...

I decided I still wanted to do my ceramics and I wanted to become one part of the Ukrainian community, so I started doing Ukrainian art shows and festivals. I realize that I needed to be different from everyone else so my Ceramics are one of a kind..each one is completely created by myself..

My every design is created for that one ceramic that's what sets me aside from everyone else.

I've been doing these shows for quite some time and have developed a following...

I look forward to every year meeting the people that I sold to in previous years, they always tell me how they enjoyed what they purchased and tell me how people would comment on beyond the ceramic that they bought... it always makes me feel good...

I continue to come up with new designs and I hope that there's something that intrigues you.. thank you!