Victoria Syzonenko-Kovaleva

Born: 1966, December 13,   Kyiv, Ukraine

1995 Emigration to Canada 

1995-2001 Life in Toronto 

1997 opening Victoria Ceramic Art in Toronto 

2001- now I live with my family in Mississauga and loving it!


1978-1985 Taras G. Shevchenko State School of Art, Kyiv, Ukraine

1986-1991 The Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design

Achievements and Accomplishments:

  • Victoria showed advanced artistic creativity at the early age of five years
  • Victoria established herself in Canada in 1995.
  • She is an accomplished teacher, artist and marketer of her work.
  • Her work reflects Ukrainian traditions in vibrant colors, vitality and celebration of life.
  • Artistic influences include: Henry Matisse, Amadeo Modigliani, Vincent van Gogh, Maria Priimatchenko and Mark Chagall.
  • Victoria's work has been displayed in Ukraine, Russia, USA, Canada, Bermuda, Netherlands and Germany.

My family old black and white pictures from Kyiv: